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Saving World Energy


Hayek has tapped Clooney for the Board of Directors of an unnamed new Swiss company created to develop reduced emissions/reduced energy consumption auto motors.

2006: Hayek’s net income was 827 million Swiss francs ($685.5 million)

Hayek is Swiss. The new auto motor company will be based in Biel, Switzerland.

– According to Hayek, the new company will do R & D for hydrogen, fuel cells and solar energy.
– Hayek told the press he had considered Al Gore for Clooney’s spot on the board but couldn’t be sure Gore wouldn’t run for President.

Hayek: “First I hesitated between Al Gore and Clooney…”

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Selamat Hari Raya Iedul Adha 🙂

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Uniqueness Melbourne!

Hello all! In SBM ITB soon we’ll be facing the final exam (sigh!)…… well there might be stress and more stress starting this week! Butttt there’s always a good news after the bad one, holiday!!!! Ok, here’s some suggestion for your holiday destination; Melbourne, Australia.

1.spire1 The Melbourne Arts Centre
(known as the Victorian Arts Centre until 2003) is the major performing arts venue in Melbourne. The complex consists of a major concert hall and theatre as well as a number of smaller performance and gallery spaces, cafes, restaurants and other facilities. It is adjacent to the National Gallery of Victoria (International Collection) and nearby is Federation Square with the NGV Australian Collection, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and BMW Edge performing space. Also in the Southbank precinct is the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and the Malthouse Theatre. Thus the Arts Centre forms a hub for much of the larger scale arts activities in Melbourne.

2. 250px-sandridge_bridge_built_in_18881The Sandrige Bridge
The first bridge on the site was built in 1853 for the original Melbourne and Hobson’s Bay Railway Company line to Sandridge from Flinders Street Station to Port Melbourne at Hobsons Bay on Port Phillip, the first passenger railway line in Australia.[1] In 1857 the St Kilda railway line had opened parallel to part of the line to Sandridge,[2] and the original bridge was replaced in 1858 by a timber trestle bridge carrying two lines of rail traffic, with the tight curve of the original railway removed by rebuilding the bridge on a more oblique angle as seen today

3. 300px-melbourne_flinders_st_station The Flinders Street Station
is the central railway station of the suburban rail network of Melbourne, Australia. It is on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets next to the Yarra River in the heart of the city, stretching from Swanston Street to Queen Street and covering two city blocks. The Melburnian idiom “I’ll meet you under the clocks” refers to the row of clocks above the main entrance, which indicate the departure time of the next train on each line. This is a popular meeting place, at the intersection of two of the city’s busiest thoroughfares. The station is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

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One of the most unique company in my version is IKEA. IKEA is a retailing company that focused on home appliances and furniture. Today IKEA already open 232 stores spread trough 32 countries all over the world. The interesting fact is the IKEA product catalogue is predict as the second book that distribute all over the world after the bible.



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Another way to kill a boring day, is to create something new by our self. You know there’s this weird feelings of proud or whatever it is if we do something 100% by our selves. Here’s the cute toys that I found very interesting……

Munny is primarily a “Do-it-Yourself” type action figure which the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and supposedly, ketchup. The action figure is made out of vinyl and has moveable joints. The doll also includes one out of a series of collectable coloring book which have been designed by a variety of people. (


Choose yours!

Mini Munny– Exactly like the original Munny, but only stands about 4 inches tall, originally released in February 2008. Mini Munny was released in three different colors; Blue, White & Pink. Each color is noted on the box so the consumer knows what color they are purchasing. The Mini Munny comes packaged with one accessory, a “My Name Is” sticker, and a marker. The MSRP for these figures is $10 USD, which made it an immediate hit with vinyl enthusiasts.

Mega Munny– Mega Munny is also exactly like the original Munny, except it stands about 18 inches tall and weighs several pounds. Mega Munny is relatively expensive, around 200.00 USD, and is available in White, Pink, and Yellow. Although Mega Munny does not include any accessories, Mega Munny includes a large Practice sheet and a Coloring book.


Munny Zipper Pulls– Munny Zipper Pulls are basically the Mini Munny with a clip at the top of the action figures head. Munny Zipper Pulls are also sold “Blind Assortment” and can vary from a Munny with a different design to a random object, such as a banana.

Mini Munny Mobile– Mini Munny Mobile is a car includes 1 White Mini Munny. Like the doll, the car is made out of vinyl and can be decorated. The car can seat 1 Mini Munny and has rolling wheels and a windshield. The set includes a “map” and a coloring book. (


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Add++Final Assigment

Sebagai tambahan dr posting di bawah, I found this blog that contain of tips and trick in wriring final assigment. I found it really helpful, hope helpful for you too J

…..Tidak dipungkiri lagi, menulis (tulisan ilmiah) bagi mahasiswa S1 merupakan suatu pekerjaan yang tidak mudah, minimal menyita waktu, khususnya bila tulisan ilmiah tersebut dievaluasi dan dipresentasikan.

Bentuk tulisan ilmiah yang secara formal dievaluasi dan dipresentasikan dalam penilaiannya di Jurusan Teknik Sipil UPH adalah membuat LAPORAN KERJA PRAKTEK (setelah minimal terkumpul 100 sks) dan SKRIPSI / LAPORAN TUGAS AKHIR MAGANG atau yang sejenisnya, yang menjadi syarat memperoleh gelar sarjana di level S1.

Visit this link!!

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Final Assigment

Hello people!

4skripsi2ay2 Lately in my campus, SBM-ITB the student is having their new euphoria (to be clear, SBM student usually having periodically euphoria in particular events such as; IBE, Oddisey, etc). Well, the new “euphoria” is about the final assigment a.k.a TA (Tugas Akhir) a.ka skripsi. To be honest, I also having that kind of excitement in choosing the topics and study company. So I was browsing the other day to find particular articles about my topics, Iseng – iseng I type “skripsi” keyword in the high-tech product of all time; google. How surprised I am, there are this company/biro jasa that specialize on “konsultasi TA”. The ad goes like this:

TEMPAT KONSULTASI-BIMBINGAN-BANTUAN-PENYUSUNAN ANALISIS SKRIPSI, TESIS, TUGAS AKHIR DAN OLAH DATA SECARA ONLINE MAUPUN OFFLINE/TATAP MUKA/KETEMU LANGSUNG | Fakultas Tehnik, Fakultas Hukum [Perdata,Pidana,Dagang,Bisnis], Ekonomi, Ilmu Sosial dan Politik, Ilmu Pemerintahan, Psikologi, Ilmu Pendidikan, Sosial Budaya, Iesp, Manajemen, Kehutanan, Sastra, Kedokteran, Farmasi, Filsafat, Pertanian, Peternakan
tip-tip menulis SKRIPSI

I found that a litlle bit weird since final assigment should be consult by your own teacher or “dosen pembimbing”. Is it only my opinion or ? ☺

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