Another way to kill a boring day, is to create something new by our self. You know there’s this weird feelings of proud or whatever it is if we do something 100% by our selves. Here’s the cute toys that I found very interesting……

Munny is primarily a “Do-it-Yourself” type action figure which the owner can decorate using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and supposedly, ketchup. The action figure is made out of vinyl and has moveable joints. The doll also includes one out of a series of collectable coloring book which have been designed by a variety of people. (


Choose yours!

Mini Munny– Exactly like the original Munny, but only stands about 4 inches tall, originally released in February 2008. Mini Munny was released in three different colors; Blue, White & Pink. Each color is noted on the box so the consumer knows what color they are purchasing. The Mini Munny comes packaged with one accessory, a “My Name Is” sticker, and a marker. The MSRP for these figures is $10 USD, which made it an immediate hit with vinyl enthusiasts.

Mega Munny– Mega Munny is also exactly like the original Munny, except it stands about 18 inches tall and weighs several pounds. Mega Munny is relatively expensive, around 200.00 USD, and is available in White, Pink, and Yellow. Although Mega Munny does not include any accessories, Mega Munny includes a large Practice sheet and a Coloring book.


Munny Zipper Pulls– Munny Zipper Pulls are basically the Mini Munny with a clip at the top of the action figures head. Munny Zipper Pulls are also sold “Blind Assortment” and can vary from a Munny with a different design to a random object, such as a banana.

Mini Munny Mobile– Mini Munny Mobile is a car includes 1 White Mini Munny. Like the doll, the car is made out of vinyl and can be decorated. The car can seat 1 Mini Munny and has rolling wheels and a windshield. The set includes a “map” and a coloring book. (



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