Changing Ideas Into Reality!

Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums, or scrapbooks ( Well, you must be familiar with the words of scrapbook, and I’m sure some of you readers have already implemented it in the real life. Here is the impotant fact that I found, it doesn’t matter what you’re good at as long you hard working and keep on trying, there’s nothing impossible to happen! For example, based on their hobbies of making scrapbook, some people made them as the new prospect for business. They made a store specialize in scrapbook tools and sevices and infact, this idea is likeable by the market. For more details, visit Anyway, here is some sample of the scrapbooks.






Tips! The Scrapbooking materials

•    The album itself, which can be permanently bound, or allow for insertion of pages.
•    Basic materials include background papers (including printed and cardstock paper), photo corner mounts (or other means of mounting photos such as adhesive dots, photo mounting tape, or acid-free glue), scissors, a paper trimmer, art pens, archival pens for journaling, and mounting glues (like thermo-tac).
•    Various accessories include stickers, rub-ons, stamps, eyelets, brads, chipboard elements in various shapes, alphabet letters, lace, wire, fabric, and ribbon.
•    Scrappers insist on acid-free, lignin-free papers, stamp ink, and embossing powder. They also use pigment-based inks, which are fade resistant, colorfast, and often waterproof.

Famous Scrapbookers in History

Francis Bacon[ and John Milton
→ Penned popular commonplace books.

Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain Dan Eldon
→ A Reuters Photojournalist | are famous American scrapbooker


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