Final Assigment

Hello people!

4skripsi2ay2 Lately in my campus, SBM-ITB the student is having their new euphoria (to be clear, SBM student usually having periodically euphoria in particular events such as; IBE, Oddisey, etc). Well, the new “euphoria” is about the final assigment a.k.a TA (Tugas Akhir) a.ka skripsi. To be honest, I also having that kind of excitement in choosing the topics and study company. So I was browsing the other day to find particular articles about my topics, Iseng – iseng I type “skripsi” keyword in the high-tech product of all time; google. How surprised I am, there are this company/biro jasa that specialize on “konsultasi TA”. The ad goes like this:

TEMPAT KONSULTASI-BIMBINGAN-BANTUAN-PENYUSUNAN ANALISIS SKRIPSI, TESIS, TUGAS AKHIR DAN OLAH DATA SECARA ONLINE MAUPUN OFFLINE/TATAP MUKA/KETEMU LANGSUNG | Fakultas Tehnik, Fakultas Hukum [Perdata,Pidana,Dagang,Bisnis], Ekonomi, Ilmu Sosial dan Politik, Ilmu Pemerintahan, Psikologi, Ilmu Pendidikan, Sosial Budaya, Iesp, Manajemen, Kehutanan, Sastra, Kedokteran, Farmasi, Filsafat, Pertanian, Peternakan
tip-tip menulis SKRIPSI

I found that a litlle bit weird since final assigment should be consult by your own teacher or “dosen pembimbing”. Is it only my opinion or ? ☺


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