Obama’s Unique Advertising

Today, the Americans is having a breakthrough in their political environment. As we all know, the final Candidates from the Democrat is commonly discussed in almost every media. Why? Is it because the “man” is a shout out of “See? A black friend!”. Well, the fact is even hardened racists feel the impulse to believe they are no such thing. Obama Barrack is stand strong with all of the “changes” that he willing to gave to the Americans, despite that he is African-American thingy yet  he still lead the runway.

“How are the Americans able to get his messages out?” Ya it is the second question that comes up my mind. Then after browsing and do some “research” I figure that Obama has a promising strategies that could be a disaster to McCain party. Obama advertise him self in such a unique way, the posters, brochures, t-shirt and he even takes the lead with another emerging technology: video games! The technology is only 18 months old, and Obama is the first presidential candidate to buy space for the Xbox Live system. “The ads — appearing on billboards and other signage — remind players that early voting has begun and plug a campaign Web site that encourages people to register for early voting.”

Burbank resident Noah Sheets, 25, committed himself to wearing a pro-Obama T-shirt everyday until the election. “With the way these things have gone in the past, you can never be too sure until it’s all over,” said Sheets, wearing a “Baracktourage” T-shirt that portrayed the presidential candidate and members of his staff as characters from the HBO series Entourage?

This is what is great about America’s Democracy.  People are allowed to speak freely here. In advertising you create a look for something, and if you are making a logo you want that “look” to carry, and stick in people’s minds.  When you see the logo for “Coffebean,” you know you are going to get coffee, right? Maybe looking at the logo makes you think of your favorite coffee drink that you like to buy when you go there.  Maybe looking at the logo makes you imagine you “taste” the drink you are going to choose? Well maybe this is Obama try to copy to his voters. below is the picture of Obama advertising in such media. Which on do you like? 🙂

Look a like?


Obama vs. Hillary

Cute Obama watches 😛

We can believe in



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