Plastic bag Ad

UTS weeks are comiiiiiiiiiing! Don’t-worry-be-happy while I was browsing today here’s a nice stress-killer for you. The image you see below is a compilation of cute advertising. They’re so funny that makes u can’t forget the product, it might be the company’s strategies for increasing brand awwwareness. Enjoy :’) Hologram cop??!!%&%

The idea for the posed patrolman came from Jim Gammon, whose sign company sits on busy Front Street. He suggested it as a way to slow drivers and then printed up the two-dimensional police officer. After less than a month on the street, the cutout is working so well the city has asked Gammon to make another.”Any time they’ll see it, (motorists) immediately slow down,” Gammon said. ”The trick is to keep them guessing.”

Sometimes Miller (the real cop name) even stands behind his plastic twin and catches speeding drivers who apparently aren’t fooled by the cutout. -from Gammon’s blog

Nail biter

Panadol ad

Man in Gun

Man in Gun

HHAHAHHAAHHAh they’re very funny right? Seriously what all these people do with plastic bag advertising???!!


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