A Creative Tale :)

The Most Dangerous Game

I am glad that I am back to my very civilized homeland. Where I see no one with a desire to hunt man. General Zaroff, that name will forever be remembered in my mind, as a sinful and immoral being.
I was with Whitney on my yacht on my way to Amazon to hunt Leopards. As the ship was going through the gloomy night Whitney pointed an island but it was too dark too see. The old charts called it ‘Ship-trap Island’. Tales of lost sailors were always heard. I showed no fear to Whitney but my soul is terrorized. As the yacht sail its way, from the blackness a gunshot was fired! Terrified in the moonless night I went to a wrong direction and the next thing that happened, my head was in blood-warm water Caribbean Sea. Nevertheless I try to be back aboard but the waves drift myself further from the yacht. No more chance of getting in the yacht, so I used my reasoning and I followed the sound of the gunshot even though my sight was restricted by the nighttime. As I was almost ashore another gunshot was heard this time is with a scream of an animal. I dragged myself to the shore by putting all of my strength. I was saved but I was exhausted, the next thing I knew the sun has rose.
Not long after I have walked along the shore I found an empty cartridge a twenty-two to be exact. As I keep walking I found what I was looking for, the print of a hunting boot. As I followed the path, I staggered when I saw a big mansion. I knock the leering gargoyle knocker. As the door opened a mammoth-like human was seen pointing a rifle towards me. I explained to him that I came from New York and I was lost but the rifle is still pointed at me. He suddenly put back his rifle when another man came it was General Zaroff. He greeted and explained that the large man is called Ivan, a deaf and a mute Cossacks.

He welcomed me to his domain and let me have some food. As I was eating, we discussed a few things. He informed me that he has already known me from books. In fact he has a massive collection of books about hunters all over the world. I come to know that he is a heartless person when we discuss the reason he lived in the island. General Zaroff lives in the island to satisfy his pleasure of hunting down people. His cruel act is because of the fact that he has hunt animals since he was young and he is bored. He got his victim by a trail of a light that a ship can follow to a treacherous sharp rocks waiting. After he took them in his house he feed them and train them to be in-shape. After they’re well to go Zaroff takes them as a quarry.
I asked him permission for me to leave. Instead General Zaroff gave me a wager, he asked if I could be his prey and he is the hunter. For a sick-minded man he is fair he gave me a head start and supplied me with food, moccasin and a knife. I can’t refuse because Ivan will exterminate me. Like his other prey he gave me three days of hunt and if I don’t get killed I will be set free. It is a dangerous game.
I was prepared, equipped and ready to go. I walked through the bushes for over two hours, in my mind I only thought of one thing and it is to toughen myself. I felt more anxious as the as I heard the snapped shut of the gate. In that intensifying moment I tried to clear my head and I decided to leave a complicated trail, a fox trail for General Zaroff to keep him in distance. I was exhausted and I needed some rest and as I passed a big tree I climbed up not to leave a mark and took a rest. My lovely rest was interrupted by the presence of General Zaroff. As he was walking I gaze from the big tree and he put on his cigarette I can smell it from above. As he reach below the tree he stopped and inch by inch he raised his sight but before he saw me he stopped, turned back and smiled. I couldn’t think a reason for his smile. I don’t want to believe that he just wanted spare me for another day of hunting. I walked for over three hundred yards and I found a big dead tree that leaned against a smaller living one. With my knife I worked my miracle to built the Malay mancather. After it has been finished I waited. Generall Zaroff came and the killer trap only wounded his shoulder. He congratulate me for making such a trap and he went back to dress his wound.
On my journey to survive I stepped over a quicksand so I stepped back for about a dozen step and crawl my way out. I dug the dead swamp and I put sharp stakes after that I covered it with woven grasses. The trap killed his best dog he congratulate me for making the Burmese-tiger trap. I was awakened from my rest when I heard General Zaroff and his pack of dogs. I went about a quarter mile down the watercourse. In a short moment before they came I made another trap, a hunting knife is tied to a springy bow and tied back by a wild grapevine and it killed Ivan. The dogs and the General were still standing and they were upon me. I ran and I stopped and in front of me was the sea with a stressful and tense feeling I leaped to sea.
My grudge against General Zaroff left me with an answer to get my revenge. I found my way to go back to his Chateau and I was lucky that he hasn’t arrived. I hid behind the curtains of his room waiting for him to come. When he came I challenged him and he said there would be one person sleeping in the bed and another person as the dogs nourishment. Luckily I slept in his bed it was the best sleep I ever had


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