Creative Icon; Dewi Lestari aka Dee

Who is Dee?

Dewi Lestari Simangunsong is her full name, she commonly known as Dee – a simple name yet with a lot of new ideas deep inside. Dee was born in Bandung back at 1976, so she was 32 years old by now. She was graduated from Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung with the interest in Hubungan Internasional. Dee is a writer and a singer, before she was a member of a trio group named RSD (Rida, Sita, Dewi). Her career de but starts from her outstanding trilogy novel, Supernova in the year of 2001.

The “works”

The successful of Supernova brought Dee as the nominate candidate in Katulistiwa Literary Award (KLA) which held by QB World Books. Competing with famous writer such as; Goenawan Muhammad, Danarto with his novel Setangkai Melati di Sayap Jibril, Dorothea Rosa Herliany in Kill The Radio, Sutardji Calzoum Bachri in Hujan Menulis Ayam and Hamsad Rangkuti in Sampah Bulan Desember.

Supernova; Ksatria, Puteri, dan Bintang Jatuh

Dee began to release her second novel “Akar” which is the second part in Supernova trilogy in Oktober 16th 2002. Yet this novel brought a controversy since it consider as underestimate the Hindu people. They resist on the inclusion of OMKARA/AUM sign which is the holy sign of BRAHMAN – the Hindu God in the cover of Dee’s book.

Supernova 2; Akar

OMKARA/AUM  the holy sign of BRAHMAN

(that been used as the cover for first and second edition of AKAR)

This controversy did not brought Dee down, in reverse she began to release the final section of Supernova the trilogy in January 2005, “PETIR”.

Supernova 3; PETIR

In Agustus 2008, is the month of Dee’s re-born. She finally release her new novel after few years of absence. It is not just a novel, it is a combination fiction and music that complete each other into one marvelous art;  RECTOVERSO “Sentuh Hati dari Dua Sisi”. Recto Verso-is a terminology of two objects that separate in physically but it is a unity indeed. RECTOVERSO contain of 11 stories and 11 music as the theme song.

Rectoverso book and Cd’s cover

“Setiap karya adalah anak jiwa. Dan pada tanggal 3 September 2008 lalu, saya baru saja resmi “melahirkan” sepasang “bayi kembar” bernama RECTOVERSO.”

-Quote from Dewi Lestari


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“This blog is an embryo of what may be a soliloquy, a nonfiction, or something in between. With a bowl of my private insights on spirituality, a pinch of science, a jar of environmental issues, some literature spices, and sacks of simple events from my daily life, this is a naked kitchen where everyone is invited to watch how I juggle with all of the ingredients. When it’s done, you’re welcome to have a free taste of whatever it is on the serving table. Perhaps, together, we can give it a name.” -Dewi Lestari


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