Creative Company Profile; PIXAR

Hello people… Well today is a really boring day and I decide to spend the night by my favorite things… watching dvds! So, since I haven’t bought the new one I started to look at my dvd storage box over again to see whether any movie that I haven’t watch or “will” watch for the second times. After 5minutes… 10minutes… there it is! I found my favorite cartoon movie; Toy Story. I guess you all familiar with that name right? The movie is quite old in fact but this movie is always entertaining in various way and the character is really cute 🙂 :). Afterwards, suddenly the idea of the most creative company in my version is comes up… why I didn’t think about it before? Yea it was PIXAR, the animation studios and here it goes the story…….

Pixar started in 1979 as the Graphics Group, a part of the Computer Division of Lucas film before it was bought by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The Pixar Animation Studios is a CGI animation production company based in California, USA. It is best known for its animation character which are created with PhotoRealistic RenderMan that used to generate high-quality images. Today, the studio has earned twenty-one Academy Awards three Golden Globes, and one Grammy, among many other awards, acknowledgments and achievements. Pixar continued its relationship with Walt Disney, a studio whose corporate parent would ultimately become its most important partner. In 1991, after substantial layoffs in the company’s computer department, Pixar made a $26 million deal with Disney to produce three computer-animated feature films, the first of which was Toy Story Despite this, the company was costing Jobs so much money that he considered selling it. Only after confirming that Disney would distribute Toy Story for the 1995 holiday season did he decide to give it another chance.

The new movie



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