Creativity in Fashion

Applying creativity in daily life.

Everyday people is often get confused by a so called thing name “appearance”. “How do I look?”, ” What should I wear”, and “Do I fit in this clothes?” seems to be the top list question that we said daily. Well, for me personally fashion is about creativity. It is how we could think outside the box, to figure the new style using our own stuff. To figure out this problem, we need to look out the creativity definition it self, creativity is a process of thinking and reacting. It is an individual nature to create new ideas that comes up from any sources ; places, animals, people, things, etc. and a good start is to start from your self! Add a simple dress with
accessorize! Driving gloves, chunky jewelry, belts, ties and bowties, hats – pile ”em on! I especially like a long belt to complete the look. The main point is don’t be afraid to try!


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  1. Ayunda Ariani Soemali

    i agree futri zulya..!

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