Creative in Da Vinci way

Creative in Da Vinci way

One of the most creative person in my version is Leonardo da Vinci. Who doesn’t know da Vinci? He is an architect, mucisian, writer, sculpture, and an Italian renaissance painter. He is a creative machine that form as a person, his idea is new and inspiring. This also inspire Dan Brown, a book writer of The Da Vinci Code that tell the secret from da Vinci paintings. This novel was adopted as a base story of a successful movie that yet stormy the Christian in all over the world.
Da Vinci was often called as the “universal genius”, because of his legendary paintings like “The Last Supper” and “Mona Lisa”. In the period of his life, da Vinci is also known because his idea that anticipate the modern technology, but he never had the chance to realize it. The design that popular is the flying human that he create and developed by The Wright Brother into an airplane. He also generate the idea of modern vehicle; tank and car that he duplicate into coloured paintings. Da Vinci is also the person who’s in charge in developing anatomy science, astronomy,and even culinary.


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