What is creativity

What Is Creativity To Me?

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”
Mary Lou Cook

Today, I was browsing at the internet and curious about the creativity definition. I was thinking that these days people tend to use the word of creativity in daily life with or without knowing the meaning it self. Well, after a few cups of coffee and a couple of hours of thinking (read; browsing) I finally know what is creativity definition to me. Ideally creativity is to create a piece of work based on your imagination and your original ideas. This is the concept you must learn before you start working on your creativity. Creativity sometimes implies on the fact that our mind facilitate the habitual concept of imagining and innovating.

It is accurate in a way but it is also throughout our passion, courage and commitment. Passion will make you work, passion is a strong emotion of belief and passion will enable you to develop. Courage is needed for you to break out of your shell, not be frightened to try new things and to make mistake as a process of learning. To commit is to take dedication in what we do. Commitment is an important role because it is to hold your belief and to keep working on it.

To be creative is to be original, functional and achievable. To be original is important if it is not original it is not creative. If it is functional then it is true and it becomes a piece of work if you don’t imply it to produce functional product then it has become at most, our imagination. It has to be achievable because if its not achieved then it is not yet complete and it is not yet real.In applying our creativity we must not surrender our self to logic. Because creativity itself is mostly from our imaginative ideas.

Creativity is a people inclination to think beyond the ordinary way. It is a process to transfer imagination into an action, for me creativity is not yet happens without an action. There are no specific categories of how we can learn creativity; it is basically a human’s nature that already takes it is place in people mind and to develop creativity we need practice and knowledge. So people… don’t be afraid to start, there is no boundaries of us thinking creatively… you can start from re-decorating your room or mix and match your clothes! It is just two simple words; learn and try. Good luck!!!!


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